Hájí Mírzá Muhammad Afshár, Bahr al-`Irfán

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Author: Hájí Mírzá Muhammad Afshár

Title: Bahr al-`Irfán

Date: No place or date of publication indicated in text, but known to have been published at the Násirí Press (owned by members of the Afnán family) in Bombay in about 1890

For citing this electronic edition: Sandy, UK: Afnan Library, 2017

Notes: A book of Bahá’í proofs by a Bahá’í of Yazd, which may have been the first book of Bahá’í proofs published. After p. 281, the next page is numbered 272 and this misnumbering continues to the last page which is numbered 277 instead of 287. 287pp.


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Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 1, pp. 1-37

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 2, pp. 38-74

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 3, pp. 75-111

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 4, pp. 112-149

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 5, pp. 150-187

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 6, pp. 188-224

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 7, pp. 225-256

Afshar, Bahr-al-Irfan 8, pp. 257-286

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