Akhbár-i Amrí Year 103 B.E.


Akhbár-i Amrí    Year 103 (-104) B.E. (1946-1947 A.D., 1325-1326 A.H.S.)

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No. 1-2 – April-June 1946 – Urdíbihisht, Khurdád 1325, pp. 1-37

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No. 3-4 – June-August 1946 – Tír, Murdád,  1325, pp. 38-74

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No. 5-6 – August-October 1946 – Shahrívar, Mihr  1325, pp. 74-116

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No. 7-8 – October-December 1946 – Ábán, Ádhar 1325, pp. 117-157

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No. 9-11 – December 1946-March 1946 – Day, Bahman, Isfand 1325, pp. 158-199

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No. 12 – 104 B.E., March-April 1946 , Farvardín 1326

(Note: pp. 206-207 are not in the issue in the library)

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