Akhbár-i Amrí

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Title: Akhbár-i Amrí

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Publisher: Published at first by “Lajnih-yi Nashr-i Nafahát” (Committee for the Diffusion of the Divine Faragrances) and then by Mahfil-i Ruhání-yi Millí-yi Baháiyán-i Írán (National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Iran).

Place of Publication: Tehran, Iran

Dates Published: 1922-1978. Publication year was from April to March. Thus the last issue of each publication year goes into the first and second Baha’i months and the first Solar Hijrí month of the next year.

Frequency: Once every Iranian solar calendar month, then every Bahá’í month

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These scanned copies from B.E. 102 to B.E. 111 are taken from bound copies of the journal originally owned by Mr Hormuzdiar Sabet and contain his annotations, frequently noting the original English text that has been translated in the journal.


Akhbár-i Amrí Year 102 (-113) B.E. 1945-1946 A.D., 1324-1325 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí Year 103 (-114) B.E. (1946-1947 A.D., 1325-1326 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí Year 104 (-115) B.E. (1947-1948 A.D., 1326-1327 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí Year 105 (-116) B.E. (1948-1949 A.D., 1327-1328 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí Year 106 (-117) B.E. (1949-1950 A.D., 1328-1329 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí Year 107 (-118) B.E. (1950-1951 A.D., 1329-1330 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí Year 108 (-119) B.E. (1951-1952 A.D., 1330-1331 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí  Year 109 (-110) B.E. (1952-1953 A.D., 1331-1332 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí  Year 110 (-111) B.E. (1953-1954 A.D., 1332-1333 A.H.S.)

Akhbár-i Amrí  Year 111 (-112) B.E. (1954-1955 A.D., 1333-1334 A.H.S.)


Akhbár-i Amrí  Year 116 B.E. (1959-1960 A.D., 1338-1339 A.H.S.)


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